Circle of Courage

Circle of Courage
Our patients and their families continuously inspire us at Moffitt Cancer Center. Their courage drives the work of our physicians, researchers, clinicians and team members as they care for our patients and work tirelessly to find a cure. 

We believe cures for cancer are on the horizon, but we know that we will not find them alone. With your support, Moffitt is pioneering life-changing treatments that were once not thought possible. Your support gives us the resources we need to push beyond conventional thinking to develop the kind of breakthrough treatments our patients need today. Your support gives our patients hope and inspires them to have courage as they fight in the battle against cancer. 

The Circle of Courage is an exclusive new program for distinguished donors within the Moffitt Cancer Center community who are invested in the hope for a cure. It is a group of individuals who make a significant impact on the future of cancer research and the work being done at Moffitt every single day – work that leads to advances in research and groundbreaking discoveries. 

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By joining the Circle of Courage, you stand with an invaluable and dynamic group of people who share our belief that cures for cancer are on the horizon, and that those cures are not far off because of people like you. You will help make it possible for Moffitt to continue to be positioned as a leader in cancer research.

We invite you to become a founding member of the Circle of Courage, launched in October 2017, with a gift of $1,000 or more. As a member of the Circle of Courage, you are a leader in the Moffitt community and an investor in the future of cancer research.

Membership Benefits
Membership benefits include:

  • Personal liaison at Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation
  • A members-only welcome gift
  • Exclusive updates on Moffitt’s latest research breakthroughs and news
  • Annual impact report highlighting your dollars at work
  • Alerts about Moffitt webinars, Q&A with researchers, and more
  • Invitation to the Circle of Courage annual event with one-on-one access to Moffitt experts
  • Opportunity for a personal tour of Moffitt laboratories (Gifts of $10,000 and above)

Join the Circle of Courage Now

Annual membership based on a yearly gift of $1,000 or more
Monthly installments available

Lindsay McGhayFor more information about the Circle of Courage, please contact Lindsay McGhay at 813-745-1403 or




Together we can change lives today.


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We’re all in this fight together, and we’d be honored to have your help. Getting started is easy and the rewards are endless. Help us get closer to a cure.


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