The Direct Referral Center at Moffitt

The Direct Referral Center (DRC) is a newly renovated 17-bed Urgent or Acute Care Unit staffed by licensed medical providers. Further expansion up to 30 beds is planned in summer 2018. The DRC team provides care to Moffitt Cancer Center patients who require urgent medical attention for conditions that arise in the context of their cancer treatment. For cancer patients with already compromised immune systems, what starts as a minor medical issue can rapidly escalate into an emergency requiring care from a team of dedicated professionals familiar with managing the side effects and complications of cancer.

Moffitt's Direct Referral Center offers comprehensive, same-day services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (except when a state of emergency is declared, e.g., hurricanes). The DRC is not an emergency room.

Moffitt cancer patients who are under active care by a Moffitt provider are advised to call their primary care provider first if they have medical concerns. Some of these patients may then be directed to contact their Moffitt provider who may then inform appropriate patients to come to the DRC. Our aim is for established patients receiving medical care at Moffitt to always have access to management of side effects of such therapy.

Services and Team

The DRC medical staff is fully trained to diagnose and treat many common cancer-related, medical and surgical complications, such as neutropenic fevers, infections, shortness of breath, intractable nausea, vomiting and pain.

The DRC medical team consists of an attending physician, mid-level providers, registered nurses, medical office assistants and hospital unit coordinators, who all specialize in treating cancer patients. After or during a patient's DRC visit the team will communicate with the patient’s Moffitt physician to ensure continuity of care if necessary.

Patients experiencing trauma, cardiac emergencies, stroke, severe respiratory difficulties or other medical emergencies like a massive bleeding, would need to visit an emergency room. The DRC does not accept 911 transfers, as we are not a designated ER.

If a patient arrives as a “walk-in” or by self-referral, the DRC team will make every effort to ensure that the patient is taken care of, either in the appropriate Moffitt clinic or the DRC. Self-referrals or “walk-ins” are discouraged to avoid unnecessary delays in patient care.

Our goal is to provide Moffitt Cancer Center’s patients with timely, comprehensive care of cancer-related medical conditions.

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