New Frontiers in Urologic Oncology



Bladder Cancer – Clinical Session I ‐ Moderator: Michael Poch, MD

Bladder Preservation Point‐Counter Point
Peter Johnstone, MD & Wade Sexton, MD

CAR‐T Cell for Bladder Cancer
Daniel Abate‐Daga, PhD

AUA Guidelines Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
Michael Poch, MD

Assessing the Tumor Microenvironment by Recovery of Immune Receptor
VDJ Recombination Reads from Tumor Specimen Exome Files
George Blanck, PhD

Chemotherapy for Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: From Dose‐Dense MVAC to Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC)
Jingsong Zhang, MD, PhD

Bladder Cancer ‐ Clinical Session II – Moderator: Scott Gilbert, MD

Highlights from the AUA & Important Bladder Cancer Publications 2017
Trushar Patel, MD

Adoptive Cell Therapy using TIL and Application to Bladder Cancer
Shari Pilon‐Thomas, PhD

Regionalization of Cystectomy
Scott Gilbert, MD

Mobile Patient‐Reported Outcome (PRO) Assessment to Drive Adherence
Heather Jim, PhD

Personalization of Bladder Cancer Care
David McConkey, PhD


Prostate Cancer – Clinical Session I – Moderator: Julio Pow Sang, MD

Gleason Scoring System 2017
Jasreman Dhillon, MD

MRI/US Fusion: Is it Fulfilling Expectations?
Kenneth Gage, MD

Systemic Therapies for Metastatic Castrate Sensitive Prostate Cancer: Does
Every Patient Need Upfront Combinational Therapies?
Jingsong Zhang, MD, PhD

Prostate Cancer – Clinical Session II – Moderator: Kosj Yamoah, MD

HDR Versus LDR, Is One Better Than the Other?
Daniel Fernandez, MD, PhD

Hypofractionation, Extreme Hypofractionation: Why, How, When?
Peter Johnstone, MD

Oligometastatic Disease: Increasing Role for Radiation Therapy?
Kosj Yamoah, MD, PhD

Prostate Cancer Research Session – Moderator: Conor Lynch, PhD

ACK1 Tyrosine Kinases: A Critical Regulator of Prostate Cancer
Nupam Mahajan, PhD

Tristetraprolin Is a Prognostic Biomarker for Prostate Cancer
Rob Rounbehler, PhD

Bone Metastatic PCa‐Math Modeling
Conor Lynch, PhD and David Basanta, PhD

PCa Prognostic Indicators
Travis Gerke, PhD

Targeting Prostate Cancer Metabolism
Robert Gillies, PhD

Epigenetic Regulation of HOXB13 in Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer
Kiran Mahajan, PhD

Adaptive Therapy for Cancer Treatment
Pedro Enriquez‐Navas, PhD

MSCs and the Progression of Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Jeremy McGuire

Habitat in PCa
Yoga Balagurunathan, PhD


Kidney Cancer – Clinical Session I – Moderator: Philippe Spiess, MD

Revisiting the Role of Percutaneous Renal Biopsies in Kidney Cancer: When,
Why and How?
Nainesh Parikh, MD

Optimizing Renal Function Pre and Post Resection of Kidney Cancer
Jacques Durr, MD

Updates on Pivotal Trials in the Management of Metastatic Renal Cell
Mayer Fishman, MD, PhD

Adjuvant Therapies in RCC: What We Think We Know
Robert Uzzo, MD

Minimally Invasive Partial Nephrectomy: The New “SOC”
Wade Sexton, MD

Surveillance Strategies in Kidney Cancer: When is Enough? Role of
Survivorship Clinic in Long‐Term Follow‐Up of Kidney Cancer
Brandon Manley, MD

Influence of Gene Expression on Progression of Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma
Jong Park, PhD

Genomic Characterization of Kidney Cancer
Brandon Manley, MD

Androgen Receptors Expression in Renal Cell Carcinoma: A New Actionable
Juan Chipollini, MD