Cardio-Oncology Program

Moffitt Cancer Center's Cardio-Oncology Program is a unique collaboration between some of the field’s foremost oncologists and cardiologists and is the first academic program of its kind in the region. Designed to provide a complete range of surveillance, treatment and prevention services for the cardiotoxic side effects of cancer treatment, this program welcomes referrals for patients who are currently receiving treatment, as well as for patients who have completed their initial round(s) of therapy and are currently in survivorship. Additionally, we accept patients with all forms and stages of cancer, including breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and virtually any other malignancy.

Through Moffitt's Cardio-Oncology Program, patients can access the following services:

  • Surveillance and monitoring of existing cardiotoxic complications
  • Medical management of existing cardiotoxic complications or pre-existing cardiovascular complications, including arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, cardiac ischemia, fibrosis and hypertension
  • Medical risk reduction for future high-risk treatment via cardioprotective agents
  • Research studies to identify and test tailored therapies for treatment-induced cardiotoxicity
  • Baseline and pre-surgical cardiac functioning tests, including advanced cardiovascular imaging via 3D echocardiography
  • Nutrition counseling and other integrative medicine services

These services are often provided as part of a long-term plan, along with other survivorship services that are designed to enhance each patient's quality of life – both during and after treatment. Our team works hand in hand with referring physicians to monitor each patient's progress, providing detailed updates and emphasizing short referral times whenever possible.

Additionally, it's simple to refer a patient to our clinic; physicians can refer a patient to Moffitt's advanced Cardio-Oncology Program by completing our online form or by contacting a physician liaison.