HPV Elimination — Leading Progress Statewide (HELPS)


HPV Elimination – Leading Progress Statewide (HELPS)
Thursday, March 4, 2021

Thank you for joining us! Please save the date for Friday, March 4, 2022, where we hope to resume a face-to-face conference. 

To see the recorded version of the conference, please click here.

Speaker Presentations:

Eliminating HPV-Related Cancers - Anna Giuliano, PhD

Make Your Survivorship Count - Tamika Felder

HPV Vaccination - Fatma Levent, MD

HPV Neoplasia Decreasing Disease Burden & Mortality - Nathalie McKenzie, MD

Treatment Challenges and Clinical Trial Disparities in Cervical Cancer - HyeSook Chon, MD

Moving Forward: Elimination in the times of COVID 19 - Dawn Ellis, PA-C

Adult HPV Vaccination and Cervical Screening During - Nancy Durand, MDCM

For a list of helpful HPV-related resources, click here.


Conference Contact: Kelly.Maharaj@Moffitt.org or Gina.Woodward@Moffitt.org