Support Following Receipt of Genetic Test Results

 Positive test results: New research on management options is constantly being published. We can provide you with the latest clinical advances in:
   • Personalized cancer treatments
   • Personalized cancer prevention strategies
   • Research opportunities
You can use this information to manage your patients’ cancer risks and refer them to other specialists as needed.

 Negative test results (when a positive result was expected): Our experts can interpret negative test results based on individual risk assessments. In some instances, we may consider:
   • Other cancer genetic syndromes
   • Additional testing in the same gene, if appropriate
   • Testing other family members

 Variants of uncertain significance: VUS results pose challenges to interpretation for health care providers and patients. We can provide assistance with further clarification of VUS result which may help to guide clinical management – for example:
   • Risk refinement in those in whom the variant is less likely to be of clinical significance
   • Appropriate risk management options in those in whom the variant may be associated with increased cancer risk

 Complex family histories: In these instances, we can: 
   • Evaluate your patients for other rare inherited cancer genes, beyond the more ‘typical’ genes such as the BRCA genes
   • Facilitate gene testing, as appropriate
   • Facilitate research enrollment, as appropriate

• At-risk family members of known mutation carriers: In these instances, we can discuss:
   • The inheritance pattern of the known mutation
   • Options for genetic testing 
   • A personalized cancer 
   • Risk management plan 

Contact Us:

To refer a patient to our Genetic Risk Assessment Service, call 1-888-MOFFITT or complete our online form or reach out to a physician liaison. We respond to most online referrals on the same business day in which they are received, helping to shorten referral times and give patients prompt access to important information.