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By Nicholas Gould - May 23, 2023

Moffitt Scientists at the Scientific Symposium
About 400 attendees gathered at Moffitt’s 13th annual Moffitt Scientific Symposium to see cancer research by investigators including Paige Lake.

The 2023 Moffitt Scientific Symposium is an event spanning two days, showcasing groundbreaking research in the fields of medicine and cancer. 

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"Participating in the Moffitt symposium this year continues to be such a great experience! I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of Dr. Susan Vadaparampil’s team for eight years and work on different projects that focus on various aspects of cancer care and different patient populations."

- Paige Lake, MPH

Overall, the symposium proved to be a remarkable event, bringing together leading researchers, scientists and medical professionals from around the institution. The symposium fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, inspiring attendees to push the boundaries of cancer research and make strides toward improved patient care and treatment outcomes.

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