Postdoctoral Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the MPDA is to foster the academic, professional, and social lives of junior scientists at Moffitt Cancer Center.

The five fundamental goals of the MPDA are:

  1. To provide support for postdoctoral career development through partnership with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) for academic and non-academic scientific career seminars and networking opportunities.
  2. To collect and disseminate practical information to all fellows.
  3. To embrace and celebrate the multicultural diversity of the members of the MPDA.
  4. To promote social interaction and create an environment in which peer support is openly sought and available.
  5. To offer guidance to postdocs to assist them in the transition from student to postdoctoral fellow then beyond.

Please meet the 2018-2019 Moffitt Postdoctoral Executive Council (MPDA):

Alvaro de Mingo Pulido 

Karen Burger

Jeremy Frieling

Junior Scientist Retreat
Leticia Tordesillas
Biswarup Saha

Distinguished Lecture Series
Asmaa Elkenawi

Science Advocacy
Alice Chan

Christelle Colin-Cassin
Amrita Basu

Bishwas Shrestha

To contact the current Executive Council, email

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