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Meet our ICADS Fellows and Project 1

The Integrated Program in Cancer and Data Science (ICADS) fellows include:

Jay LockhartJay Lockhart, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Biomedical Science
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida, United States

Mentor: Elsa Flores, Ph.D.

Google Scholar

Kyubum LeeKyubum Lee, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering
Korea University
Seoul, Korea

Mentor: A.C. Tan, PhD


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Project Details: Our first ICADS project is investigating how the different populations of cancer cells within a single tumor can be exploited to improve outcomes in Kras-driven lung adenocarcinoma. The ICADS team is identifying gene signatures that drive tumor progression by coupling machine learning with advanced spatial "omics" techniques. These gene signatures can be used to identify targetable vulnerabilities in tumors, predict therapeutic responses, and provide more accurate prognoses from patient samples.