Current Trainees of the Behavioral Oncology Training Program

Members of the Behavioral Oncology Postdoc Program meeting in a conference room.

2022-2024 Cohort

Cherell Cottrell DanielsCherell Cottrell-Daniels, PhD, Public Health

Georgia State University – Atlanta, Georgia

Research Topic: Understanding stressors (e.g., discrimination) and protective factors (e.g., religious coping) as they relate to tobacco and marijuana co-use in priority populations

Primary Mentor: Damon Vidrine, DrPH

Secondary Mentor: Jennifer Vidrine, PhD

Kristen Smith, PhD, Nutrition

Auburn University – Auburn, Alabama

Research Topic:  Impact of diet and gut microbiome on cancer prevention, outcomes, and survivorship

Primary Mentor: Heather Jim, PhD

Secondary Mentor: Sylvia Crowder, PhD

Nashira Brown, PhD, Public Health

University of Alabama at Birmingham – Birmingham, Alabama

Research Topic: Obesity, physical activity, cancer prevention and survivorship, health disparities

Primary Mentor: Tiffany Carson, PhD

Secondary Mentor: Marilyn Stern, PhD

2021-2023 Cohort

Acadia Buro, PhD, Public Health

University of South Florida - Tampa, Florida

Research Topic: Obesity, cancer, and health disparities.

Primary Mentor: Tiffany Carson, PhD, MPH

Secondary Mentor: Marilyn Stern, PhD, CRC

Bethany ShoreyBethany Shorey-Fennell, PhD, Health Psychology

Washington State University - Vancouver, Washington

Research Topic: Health communication, tobacco cessation, cancer prevention and survivorship, community engagement for equitable reach.

Primary Mentor: Jennifer Vidrine, PhD, MS

Secondary Mentor: Damon Vidrine, DrPH, MS

Jessica Rivera-Rivera, PhD, Clinical Psychology

University of Kentucky - Lexington, Kentucky

Research Topic: Cancer prevention and health communication in racially/ethnically underserved communities.

Primary Mentor: Susan Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH

Secondary Mentor: Brian Gonzalez, PhD