About Cancer Chemical Biology

The Cancer Chemical Biology Major is a STEM major and trains future leaders and experts in chemical biology with exceptional skills to solve cancer problems by integrating chemistry and biology tools and techniques. It is the only cancer chemical biology major available in the U.S.

Students will receive interdisciplinary training in chemistry, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, and proteomics. The thesis studies are expected to develop and use chemical probes and tools to explore and address the underlying questions of oncology and cancer biology. The PhD graduates from this program will have the skill sets to be employed in the academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and multidisciplinary cancer focused research institute and hospitals, discovering novel probes to unravel the mechanisms underlying oncogenesis as well as developing innovative anticancer drugs.

The main research areas include:

  • Design and synthesize chemical probes to modulate oncogenic targets and pathways
  • Develop potent chemical probes into novel anticancer drug candidates
  • Identify, validate, and characterize new targets with therapeutic relevance in refractory and metastatic malignancies using selective chemical probes

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