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Medical Physics Residents

Meet the current and past residents in the medical physics residency program at Moffitt Cancer Center:

Ibrahim (Abe) Oraiqat, PhD (2022-2024)

Abe OraiqatAbe Oraiqat received his Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering followed by a dual Master's in applied physics and electrical engineering at the University of Michigan. Afterward, he finished his PhD in applied physics at the University of Michigan where he studied the uses of ultrafast lasers in the synthesis of nanomaterials that were subsequently used in energy storage and energy harvesting applications, which lead to founding a startup company. Upon graduation, he started a medical physics postdoc where he began to investigate the use of spectroscopic analysis of Cerenkov emission as a tool to interrogate the tumor microenvironment. Additionally, he investigated the use of radiation acoustics for real-time dosimetry and radiation beam localization during external beam radiotherapy. During his postdoc, he completed his medical physics graduate certificate to kickstart his career in medical physics. Abe was able to continue this research as a research scientist at Moffitt before starting his medical physics residency. Outside of work, he is an avid amateur astronomer and a barbecue connoisseur.

Joseph Weygand, PhD (2021-2023)

Joseph WeygandIn high school, Dr. Weygand was a national champion wrestler. He then went on to do a B.A. in physics at Columbia University, an M.S. in medical physics at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and a PhD in physics at Heidelberg University in Germany. For his PhD research, he applied parallel imaging to accelerate magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging. His interests include MR-guided radiation therapy and the application of medical physics in developing countries. Outside of work, Dr. Weygand is an avid traveler and is attempting to visit every country in the world.