Coverage For the Young Professional


What is not to love about a first job out of college? Finally, making money is actually happening. Feeling great about putting an education to good use along with having the time to hang with friends on the weekend is top of mind.  Let’s face it health insurance is just something to check off the list.

We Get It

Maybe you are a hard working millennial who is an engineer at a local power plant. Your life is all about socializing and not focused on planning life or for reality. Having the best health insurance and even knowing all the details isn’t top of mind. The simple PPO Aetna plan you selected was just the cheapest on the list and you had nothing to compare to last year. Perhaps, you had a family member come down with cancer. Did that change your mind about your plan this year? Understanding all of the lingo may help.

We want you to have the coverage that suits you best. We are here to help, for more information call 1-888-663-3488.