Unforgettable Trips Together

Patty, a mother of three and a friend to many is an example of hope and vigilance. She says she’s had to tell her husband kids that she had cancer three times. Patty hasn’t let breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, or thyroid cancer win. She took charge of the situation and has been turning it positive ever since.  A short time back once she discovered her cancer had reached her neck, she told her sister that they should finally get a chance to take that road trip down U.S. Route 66.

Why There? 

For twenty years, she had been telling her sister she wanted to travel on U.S. Route 66. Patty’s sister said, “‘Patty that is the most god-awful road in America, why would you want to do that?’” Maybe there was something more to this trip. This one would show their support of Patty and cherish their bonds. Patty insisted and she, her sister and the rest of her tribe sat down to plan out the trip. In an hour the trip was set and they were on their way, tribe and all.

Major Feels

A symbolic adventure of banding together, they started out on an Southwest Airlines flight where they received a shout out. At the end of the flight, a flight attendant brought Patty a stack of napkins filled with encouraging notes from the passengers and flight crew. Their journey would stretch 2,400 miles, eight days with views of the Grand Canyon and Pacific Ocean. She shares that they stayed in quirky motels and of course met some pretty amazing people. Patty said that their adventure was full of laughs, “I don’t think cancer cells like laughter,” she jokes.