Supportive Care- Meet Patti

Patti has battled breast cancer almost her entire adult life, and yet she has continued to lead a life full of discovery and love. Her long 22 year journey with breast cancer has led her to value her care partners at Moffitt who have helped her along the way. 

Her Journey

In 2002 she found out she had metastatic breast cancer. First, it was her spine. Next came her lymph nodes, clavicle and sternum. It then progressed to her lungs, ribs, liver and most recently, her brain. This meant that not only did her cancer spread throughout her body, but that she needed to change her treatment plan.  

Signs of Breast Cancer:

  • The breast tissue starts to hurt (and the pain is not the ordinary soreness that accompanies a menstrual period, if female)
  • The breast becomes swollen, reddish in color or hot to the touch
  • The nipple begins to secrete a liquid or bloody discharge

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The Best Place for Patti

Panic stricken, Patti knew for certain she would be in for a long, difficult road. Patti chose Moffitt to navigate her treatment plan based on the strong partnership between the physicians and their patients. During her care at Moffitt the specialized and attentive care she received from a nurse at the breast clinic has inspired her. 

"(My nurse) Vicki is 100 miles an hour. From the minute she walks into the doors at Moffitt to probably the last minute she walks out of the doors at Moffitt. She gives 100% of herself to the day and all of her patients on that day's roster."


For information about diagnostic and treatment options for breast cancer, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form.

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