Your Summer Best

You may have started your summer off on the right foot, but a busy schedule knocked you off course. Now, take a chance to recollect and find a way to make the best of it.

Summer Strolls

This time of year is filled with outdoor and indoor activities that help you maintain your health. Whether it’s an early morning or after dinner stroll, a swim or even friends and family night of bowling; keeping it consistent is key. Don’t be afraid to stay on track with health gadgets. If your schedule is too busy to align with a friend, set goals for yourself during the week. View more health tips.

Summer “Me” Time

While it’s hard to carve out a few moments for yourself, these custom made moments are important to keep. Take care of yourself from head to toe. This starts with mental health. Do what helps you relax during a busy summer. Whether it is kicking back with a new book or just taking five minutes for some deep breaths and a stretch, hold fast to this practice. Another important "you time" not to be missed is a checkup with your doctor. Follow these links for both men and women on what screenings to ask your doctor.

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