Spring Forward

Spring is finally here and has everyone getting outside to enjoy the few extra hours of sunlight. It’s a great time to get outside, get active and maybe even get back into shape. Whether you’re out for a jog or even a walk into the outdoors can offer a refresh. Explore these other ways you can get into shape.

Daily Grind

It’s easy to get started on a mission to stay active. Don’t let your ambition die midway into the plan. Try choosing something you know that you love to do. Whether it is alone or with a buddy, consider these options below.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going,” Jim Ryun

Ways to Be Active

Daily Diet

Watching what goes on your plate and a little exercise goes a shorter distance around your waist. Seems too hard? Try packing your own lunch, prepping for meals on Sundays or measuring what goes on your plate. We’ve got the tips below on how to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle.

A healthy outside starts from the inside,” Robert Urich

Ways to Eat Healthily

Daily Care

Caring for you includes more than just diet and exercise. Maintaining daily care includes becoming more aware of your environment too. Do you use harsh chemicals while cleaning? Other careful notes include remembering to schedule an annual checkup or even going in early when you notice something is off.  

“Everybody is different, and every body is different,” Beverly Diehl

Ways to Care For Yourself

  • Go to Your Annual Checkups
  • Be Aware of Carcinogens
  • Listen to Your Body Especially When You:
    • Have unusual headaches
    • Have dizzy spells
    • Have unexplained vision problems

Signs of a Brain Tumor

Interested in scheduling a cancer screening appointment here at Moffitt? Explore which ones are recommended by age here.