How To Find Self Love

February is widely recognized as the month of love. There are plenty of reminders of this special month, especially on Valentine’s Day. Don’t let all the teddy bears, boxes of chocolate, roses and every mushy gushy thing you can think of making you forget about loving you first. What if you turned the tables on all of that and give yourself a little love this month? Check out our health-focused tips on how to put you first.

Be About You

It’s easier to give to others than it is yourself. Try these simple steps to improve your day exclusively for you.

  1. Healthy Mind- When was the last time you bought a box of chocolates, flowers, your favorite magazine, a massage, for the ladies, your nails, or took a walk at the end of a long day? These little steps cause the release of good vibe endorphins. Don't be afraid to be selfish this time. 
  2. Healthy Body- Do you know someone who has become sick this season? Be mindful of hand washing to prevent the flu or other illnesses. The last thing you want is to be knocked down. Another great way to prevent illness is to get an annual screening. Consider these for men or women.
  3. Healthy Spirit- Did you know that when you volunteer you are actually doing something for you too? We bet you didn’t. Find out how this works.

Dinner for One

Whether your table is set for one or six, find a way to make your plate tailor-made for you. Whatever you eat, you become. If you are the chief cook, try including more color into your palate with fruits and vegetables.  Eating out with friends or family or not in charge of the kitchen this time around? Consider these tips on how to dine out and stay healthy at the same time.

When you learn to put yourself first, you can’t go wrong. Are you interested in pursuing early cancer detection screenings? Call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out our patient registration form to schedule an appointment.