Out and About

When the sun shines and the air is not too hot (especially for Florida), getting outside is one of the best ways to enjoy the day. There are hundreds of options at your fingertips including taking a walk, a quick jog, swimming or for the brave paddle boarding! Whatever you do to stay active, it is without a doubt that living an active lifestyle is key to a healthy outlook.

5 ways to stay active

  1. Walking or Running - Lace up your sneaks and get outside! Even a lunch break walk helps.
  2. Get your friends on board! Invite a friend for a walk or outside adventure.
  3. Scope out your day for when you can be active. Even 30-minute sessions help!
  4. Use a fitness tracker- These are helpful to keep you active in every move!
  5. Don’t leave out flexibility exercises, aerobic activities and resistance training! These are especially good for those recovering from illness such as post cancer treatment.


Healthy Living!

Developing an active lifestyle can help you get in shape! Discover more tips for staying healthy with this fun infographic. Other ways include getting your annual screenings. It is important to know your health status, even if you feel your best. See our checklists for both men and women.