How to be Great at Time Management

You would never want to miss a dinner date with friends because you were too busy. Take charge of your busy life. Managing your time is easier than you think and you won’t need a long list of 20 tips. Learning how to best time manage your life doesn’t have to feel like a multistep process. Life has already handed you too many steps to go through. Start managing easier with these three tips. That’s right. Only three.  

  1. Make a Calendar- Whether you are old school with a pen or techy with your device make this one top of your list. Place all your events or places you’ve got to be right in here. Go as far out as you can, but be realistic. Maybe only weekly notes. You can always go back.
  2. Make a Checklist- That includes store trips, events where you committed to bring something, whatever those are, place them correlated within your calendar.
  3. Prioritize- Now that you’ve got those in, number the ones that take higher priority first. Not everything will have a checklist, but you’ll at least visualize what your week/month/day might look like.