Happy Life

Gail’s favorite activity is spending time living a healthy and active life chasing her granddaughter around the house, painting and making sure her garden blooms! In 2010 Gail was faced with a lung cancer diagnosis, and she didn’t let it stop her from seeking a quality and happy life with her family. Gail credits her doctor and nurses who kept her on the path to health and positivity during her treatment.

Community of Courage

Meet four patients who stood in the face of adversity and found it within themselves to fight, no matter how impossible the odds seemed to be. While each have their own journey, they all look beyond the negativity and find positivity in staying active. Meet Gail, who adores spending time with her family; Juli who danced through her treatment; John whose love for running marathons didn’t let cancer slow him; and Barney, who is president of 100 Black Men in Tampa Bay, an organization whose focus includes health and wellness among the underserved community.