Giving Hope

According to Keith, a union electrician, he shouldn’t even be here. He had stage 3 colon cancer but after five years in remission the cancer returned to his liver. He’s now living with stage 4 liver cancer.

His diagnosis isn’t stopping him from encouraging others to fight on. 

The Man in the Suit

Every year around the holidays he puts on a suit at Christmas and becomes a minister of peace and hope to those who are at Moffitt.

Keith was spending the holidays alone while recovering from surgery on the fourth floor of Moffitt when he had an epiphany. Though there were decorations and families visiting, he thought the day needed something a little bit more. He was determined that next year was going to be different. Keith bought a Santa Claus suit and returned the following Christmas.

The Moffitt Santa

 “And ever since then I’ve been Moffitt’s Santa and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Not only is it something that I think the people at Moffitt enjoy and cherish, it’s something they don’t know how much I cherish,” says Keith. 

Seeking Support at Moffitt

The holiday season isn’t the only time of year patients at Moffitt can seek special help to find comfortAt Moffitt there are many support programs offered for patients and their families. 

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With the hustle of the holiday season, don’t forget to care for yourself by scheduling an annual screening. Complete our new patient registration form online, or call 1-888-663-3488.