Gather Around

It is the season of many holidays. Are you interested in taking a break from noise this year? Put away the cell phones, avoid fussy holiday parties and the perfection that often revolves around them all. Throw a gather party like you’ve never seen before and one that your tribe won’t forget. This one is focused on what’s important close friends, family and relaxation.

Kickoff the Atmosphere

The focus of the party is a chance to unplug. Send out an informal invitation to close friends and or family. Make sure they know this party isn’t going to be a fuss and include the dress code: casual and chill clothing.

The Prep Without Prepping?

Admittedly, you’ll have to do some work to make this party seem like no one is working. Follow these steps to keep it simple.

  1. Food prep- Keep a lot of small finger foods around including ones for those with dietary restrictions. Drinks are important and so are coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Leftover bags are a great inclusion to keep an easy food clean up at the end.
  2. Comfortable seating- The key to relaxation should be a comfortable place to plop with lots of pillows and throws.
  3. Holiday ambiance- Make your party more inviting by introducing electric candles over fluorescent lighting and quiet chill music. Guests should be asked to leave their cell phones at the door.

Fun and Games

What are the best activities to do at a holiday party? Now that you’ve all get a chance to unplug, picking the games should be easy. While there are many to choose from, keep them simple. Check out these recommendations:

  • Puzzles
  • Board Games
  • A small craft project or coloring books for kids (or adults)
  • Charades


The Take Home

Before you know it, you’ll have spent the afternoon or evening relaxing with some of your favorite people! You invited people into your home and you’ve together made the best holiday party out there. Be sure to have grab bags with leftovers at the door as your guests leave. Whatever you do for the holidays, keep the focus where it should be: together.