Experienced Cancer Care

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis it is hard to filter out all of the options. Our dedicated care places each patient on the pathway to a successful outcome.

The Team


Our multispecialty healthcare providers are experienced in treating all cancers, including those that are rare. We also understand that everyone’s diagnosis is exceptionally different. Moffitt’s individualized care plans are tailored for each patient’s needs. Some treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy – Our oncologists offer their expertise for the most favorable resolutions.
  • Surgery – We’re ready to take on simple and complex cases with the newest and most efficient methods.
  • Radiation therapy – Our radiation therapists use a wide range of newest technologies and targeted therapies to treat.
  • Clinical trials – We are a recognized leader in cancer research and can offer ground breaking clinical trials.
  • Immunotherapy – Utilizing the body’s immune system, these treatments help defend a patient’s body from cancer cells.

Specialized Technology

Dr. Javier Torres-Roca is rewriting the rules for radiation therapy. Too often patients receive more radiation therapy than they actually need. At Moffitt, the genomic makeup of tumors are targeted and then treatment is tailored to administer just the right amount of radiation therapy. 

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To learn more about treatment options, call 1-888-MOFFITT or request an appointment on our new patient registration form online, or call 1-888-663-3488. You won’t need a referral to come here.