Here in Florida, It’s hard to resist the lure of a day outdoors. Options aren’t limited to: glowing sunsets with friends, umbrella smothered beaches, restaurants serving up the daily catch, day trips to our beautiful Florida Springs or a theme park day.

What you bring with you makes all the difference even when you’re a die-hard local or a newbie. Though there are many types of adventures out there, bringing these staples and knowledge tidbits can help.

Morning or Afternoons

Weather changes drastically by time of day here. The coolest time of the day isn’t in the evening, it’s actually in the morning. Just because you don’t yet see the sun at its fullest potential, harmful sun rays are still plotting. In the morning be sure to throw on your sunscreen. Believe it or not, your chances of getting a sunburn go up by 10 am. It’s good to have a little in your bag too. The balmy weather here is a frequent event. A perfect atmosphere for bugs. Another item you may want to consider for both mornings or evenings is bug spray. Read here to know which one to apply.  

On the Water

Whether it’s a day at a water park, beside crashing waves or a lazy float down a spring we’ve got your covered for this one. No pun intended, be sure to have SPF clothing on your or in your bag ready to wear for when you are around water. Rays from the sun hit the water easily and bounce right on you causing your chances for a sunburn to go up. While sunscreen is important, don’t rely on imposters. While being trendy is kind of fun, it’s not always what it is cracked up to be. Take for instance sunscreen pills. Have you heard of sunscreen pills? Read our article on how these just don’t work. Plan on also staying hydrated too. Throwing in a water bottle helps, but we know you’ll also enjoy this infographic on how to eat your water too.

Bring With You Everywhere

Rain or shine try adding these into your bag:

Spot Check

Truthfully, you’ve got to watch your skin, find out how to spot skin cancer by using our infographic. Do you have questions about your skin? We’re here to talk. Call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online.