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Get Involved in Total Cancer Care at Moffitt

As a cancer patient, you can help researchers and doctors in better understanding your disease by getting involved in Total Cancer Care®. More than 120,000 patients are already involved. You can be a part of this growing movement to better understand and treat cancer.   

Total Cancer Care® is a study that involves the collaboration between doctors, researchers, and patients. The goal of the study is to find the right treatment for each individual diagnosis. It requires the collection of important clinical, molecular, and self-reported survey data. 

Patient involvement is the most critical piece of the study. With your participation, we can improve long-term cancer care for you as well as for present and future patients. There are no extra medical visits or additional costs to you. 

Once you are enrolled in the study, we may ask for the following: 

  • Medical History. Your medical history is obtained during routine visits with your doctor.
  • Tissue collection. If a doctor recommends a biopsy, a portion of the tissue that is removed may be held for research. If surgery is necessary to remove tissue, we will ask for your permission to study the extra tissue that would otherwise be discarded. We may also collect additional blood and other samples at this time.
  • Follow-up. You will become a lifetime participant in the Total Cancer Care® study. We may contact you in the future about participating in a clinical trial or to gather additional information 

Because we are asking for your lifetime participation, we have made this process simple for you and your family by providing access online through your My Moffitt Patient Portal. By using the Patient Portal, we can communicate information with you, including possible clinical trials, new medications or treatments.  

To learn more about Total Cancer Care® or to sign up for the study, call 1-888-MOFFITT. If you are currently a patient, log into your My Moffitt Patient Portal and click on the Total Cancer Care (TCC) link.