Patient participation and interest is the single most critical component of Total Cancer Care®. The Total Cancer Care protocol was developed to specifically address the need for tissue collection and data collection over a patient’s lifetime through a safe, efficient and consistent process. The Institutional Review Board approved study is open at Moffitt and every Total Cancer Care consortium site. More than 120,000 patients to date have consented to be part of the study and that number is growing every day. With lifetime prospective follow-up and a patient portal, patients and their families are the foundation of Total Cancer Care.


Researchers participate by analyzing the very large database associated with Total Cancer Care that houses vast amount of information related to the patient and their tissue samples. The analysis leads to the development of innovative clinical trials tailored to a particular patient and improve the likelihood of its effectiveness. Other findings will lead to a better understanding of how cancer works and therefore may lead to new drugs and measures for preventing cancer.

Information collected by researchers will be placed back into the database to ensure researchers are building upon previous knowledge. Researchers also evaluate the quality and effectiveness of treatments based on personalized medicine with other methods to ensure the standard of care continues to improve over time.

With lifetime prospective follow-up and a patient portal, patients and their families are the foundation of Total Cancer Care.


As a result of membership in the Total Cancer Care Consortium, each hospital or academic center ensures that its doctors, or clinicians, actively participate in the study by meeting the needs of the patient. They help answer questions the patient may have about Total Cancer Care and ensure that the study guidelines are correctly followed, including the patient’s safety and protection of health information. Clinicians will also administer innovative clinical trials related to Total Cancer Care as they are developed. As findings from Total Cancer Care improve patient care over time, clinicians will utilize the scientific results obtained to provide better treatment.


By partnering with Total Cancer Care, pharmaceutical members have access to a large amount of genetic and demographic information that can be utilized to develop new drugs for treating a particular cancer. By understanding the reasons why some treatments work better in some people but not others, pharmaceutical partners can develop very specialized drugs tailored to specific conditions for the most effective results.