Total Cancer Care

Total Cancer Care® is a unique research study designed to bring cancer treatment to a new level. By tracking and studying data from participants, it is changing the way doctors prevent, detect and treat cancer. Moffitt has led the way in creating a network of respected cancer centers that will share this information, therefore expanding the tools available to oncologists in a way that’s never been done.

Moffitt Cancer Center offers patients the opportunities to not only benefit from highly tailored treatment plans, but to also contribute to some of today’s most important cancer research. The study is designed to:

  • Evaluate the long­-term effects of different cancers, treatment choices and lifestyle
  • Give physicians a better understanding of patient outcomes and treatment options
  • Help patients find clinical trials that reflect the details of their diagnosis
  • Develop a molecular database that can serve as a resource for future research

Our expert oncologists will be able to use the information collected by the Total Cancer Care® study to select the therapies that hold the most promise. This is just one more way we can provide personalized medicine to our patients. More than 120,000 patients have enrolled in the study since it was launched in 2006. Each new participant brings us one step closer to our goal of finding a cure for cancer. To learn more about Total Cancer Care® or to sign up for the study, call 1-888-MOFFITT. If you're a current patient, log into your MyMoffitt patient portal and click on the Total Cancer Care (TCC) link.