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Clinical Trial 19630

Cancer Type: Healthy Subjects

Study Type: Prevention
Phase of Study: N/A

  • Christine Vinci

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Study Title

Development of a Mindfulness-Based Treatment for the Reduction of Alcohol Use and Smoking Cessation



Aim 1: Modify an existing mindfulness-based treatment to include a focus on smoking cessation and reduced alcohol use. Study 1 will modify an existing substance use treatment,MBRP, to focus explicitly on smoking cessation and reducing alcohol use (MBRP-SA). Modification of the protocol will be conducted through an iterative development process based on the existing literature regarding mindfulness, smoking, and alcohol use, the expertise of the research team, and feedback from two small groups of participants (N=16). Aim 2: Evaluate benchmarks regarding the feasibility and acceptability of MBRP-SA. Study 2 will determine the ability of the research team to recruit and retain participants, to implement the designed protocol, and to determine treatment adherence. Participants (N=64) will be randomized to either MBRP-SA or CBT. Data on participants experience (e.g., acceptance,satisfaction, compliance) will be collected and examined. Aim 3: Collect and examine descriptive data on proximal and distal variables associated with increased smoking abstinence and reduced drinking. Proximal variables associated with smoking abstinence and reduced drinking (e.g., reduced negative affect, self-efficacy, craving), and the distal variables of smoking abstinence and heavy drinking will be collected and examined. We will also examine the feasibility for collecting data on potential moderators and/or mediators of treatment outcome. Aim 3 will be underpowered to test for any main effects of treatment on clinical outcomes. Nonetheless, these data will contribute to our understanding of the feasibility of collecting such data and allow us to observe any trends in particular directions.

Inclusion Criteria

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Currently smoking 3 or more cigarettes per day for the past year.
  • Carbon monoxide level >/= 8 ppm(parts per million); contine levels >/= 10 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter)
  • Participant must be motivated to quit smoking and decrease alcohol use within the next 60 days
  • If male, consume >/= 5 drinks and if female consume >/= drinks on at least 5 occasions in the past month
  • Valid home address in the Tampa Bay area
  • Functioning telephone number
  • Can speak, read and write in English

  • Exclusion Criteria

  • Cannot use nicotine patch
  • History of severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms (such as seizures, hallucinations, delirium)
  • Participants who have an active substance use disorder other than an alcohol use disorder
  • Participants who have an active psychotic disorder
  • Regular use of other tobacco products such as cigars, e-cigarettes
  • Current use of tobacco cessation medications
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Participants who have a household member already enrolled in the study