Clinical Trial 18327

Cancer Type: Multiple

Study Type: Health Services Research
Phase of Study: NA


    Study Title

    Improving Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivorship


    The purpose of this study is to explore what resources adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients have found helpful in optimizing their cancer care, and what they have found to be barriers in receiving optimal cancer care.


    Specific Aim: To conduct formative research exploring the facilitating factors (resources) and potential barriers to optimal AYA cancer care. This Aim will be achieved by: 1. Conducting individual in-depth interviews with AYA cancer patients who are on active treatment (N = 15) and AYA patients who have completed primary cancer treatment within the last six months (N = 15) to identify cancer care experiences, and preferences for PN, and PN intervention strategies. 1a.Conducting individual in-depth interviews with medical, nursing, psychosocial and supportive care medicine providers (N = 30) to identify clinical experiences, and preferences for PN and PN intervention strategies. 1b. Develop a structure and overall strategy for a pilot MCC PN AYA program based on key findings from stakeholders in 1 & 1a and a comprehensive review of the relevant literature on models of PN.

    Inclusion Criteria


  • Interview participants will be recruited via the primary oncologist AYA patients are eligible to participate in individual in-depth interviews if they are:
  • between 15 and 39 years of age
  • receiving or have received their primary cancer care at Moffitt Cancer Center (MCC)
  • capable of speaking and reading English
  • willing to participate and provide informed consent (if under 18, parental consent and assent)