Clinical Trial 18062

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Study Type: Other
Phase of Study: NA

  • Bryan McIver


Study Title

Impact of Ancillary Techniques in the Pre-Surgical Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules.


The purpose of this study is to improve the pre-surgical diagnosis of thyroid nodules.


The purpose of the study is to prospectively evaluate the impact of ancillary techniques (radiology, pathology and molecular tests) on the pre-surgical diagnosis of thyroid nodules.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Patients with a thyroid nodule (discrete lesion within the thyroid gland that is radiologically distinct from the surrounding thyroid parenchyma ≥ 5mm) that is going to be evaluated with fine needle aspiration or core biopsy at Moffitt Cancer Center will be offered to voluntarily participate in the study. All patients that have had a biopsy performed in the community that come to a Moffitt Cancer Center for evaluation will also be offered to participate in the study as long as the cytology specimen and radiology studies are available for review.

  • Exclusion Criteria

  • Age less than 18 years
  • Anyone whose thyroid nodule has already been resected
  • Cannot provide consent for the study
  • Have other metastatic cancers with limited life expectancies (> Cannot have fine needle aspiration biopsy