Clinical Trial 17235

Cancer Type: Gynecological Tumor

Study Type: Other
Phase of Study: NA


    Study Title

    Quality of Life Prior to Gynecologic Surgery


    This research is being done to find out if there is a link between symptoms prior to gynecologic surgery and inflammation. In addition, investigators are looking at whether certain genes predict symptoms prior to gynecologic surgery. Patients will complete self-report questionnaires of fatigue and depression and actigraphic monitoring of objective sleep and activity prior to surgery. They will also provide samples of blood prior to the day of surgery.


    Aim 1: To identify associations among sickness behaviors (i.e., fatigue, depression, and disruptions in sleep and activity) and pro-inflammatory cytokines prior to surgery in patients with suspected gynecologic cancer.Aim 2: To examine life stress as a predictor of pro-inflammatory cytokines and sickness behaviors prior to gynecologic cancer surgery. Aim 3: To examine genetic variation as predictors of sickness behaviors prior to gynecologic cancer surgery.

    Inclusion Criteria


  • Investigators will recruit a sample of 150 women scheduled for surgery for suspected gynecologic cancer who plan to receive platinum-based chemotherapy at Moffitt Cancer Center if diagnosis is confirmed.