Postdoctoral Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Moffitt Postdoctoral Association (MPDA) is to foster professional development and social interaction and to provide a collective voice and liaison between postdoctoral fellows, faculty and administration.

The goals of the Moffitt Postdoctoral Association are:

  • To provide support for postdoctoral career development through both academic and non-academic scientific career seminars and networking opportunities
  • To collect and disseminate practical information to all fellows, including seminar notices, scientific meeting information, funding and job opportunities, materials on living resources, social event notices, etc.
  • To embrace and celebrate the multicultural diversity of the members of the MPDA
  • To promote social interaction and create an environment in which peer support is openly sought and available
  • To offer guidance to new postdocs to assist them in the transition from student to postdoctoral fellow

The Moffitt Postdoctoral Council consists of a Chair, Vice Chair and members-at-large. The Chair and Vice Chair serve a six-month term of office with the Vice Chair assuming the Chair position in January and July.

To contact the current Council members, email:

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Postdoctoral Program Staff

Faculty Advisor
Doug Cress, Ph.D.
Department: Molecular Oncology

Cathy Gaffney
Department: Graduate Studies



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