Thyroid Cancer Surgery – Effective Treatment Options for Residents of St. Petersburg, FL

Thyroid cancer surgery is the most commonly recommended type of treatment for tumors that form within the thyroid gland. Individuals from the St. Petersburg, Florida, area have access to a comprehensive range of effective treatment options at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. In addition to innovative, minimally invasive surgical techniques, we offer advanced tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) therapy and radioactive iodine treatment, as well as traditional chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone treatment. Also, through our robust portfolio of clinical trials, our patients can be among the first to benefit from promising new options that are not yet widely available.

For most patients, treatment typically begins with surgery. The board-certified surgeons at Moffitt perform several types of surgery to treat thyroid cancer, including:

  • Lobectomy – Removal of one side (lobe) of the thyroid gland
  • Near-total thyroidectomy – Removal of all but a very small part of the thyroid gland
  • Total thyroidectomy – Removal of the entire thyroid gland (the most commonly recommended approach)

Thyroid cancer surgery can be highly complex because a surgeon must work around vocal nerves and other vital structures. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, a patient is encouraged to work with a surgeon who has a specialized skill set as well as extensive experience. At Moffitt, our patients are treated by some of the most talented and well-respected surgeons in the world. As a high-volume cancer center, we are able to offer a level of surgical expertise that far exceeds that of most other cancer centers. For this reason and others, we’ve earned an outstanding reputation as a leader in performing thyroid cancer surgery.

If you live outside of St. Petersburg, FL, and the other areas immediately surrounding Moffitt, you might choose to take advantage of several travel-related services. This can help eliminate some of the inconveniences of being away from home while you receive cancer treatment. For instance, we can recommend convenient and affordable lodging options through our local partner hotels, allowing you and your family to stay close to Moffitt’s campus.

Whether you live nearby in the St. Petersburg, FL, area or elsewhere, you can come to Moffitt for thyroid cancer treatment with or without a referral. To request a consultation, contact us at 1-888-663-3488 or complete our new patient registration form online.