Discuss Your Stomach Cancer Prognosis With an Oncologist Near Clearwater, FL

Every patient’s stomach cancer prognosis is unique. What’s more, a variety of factors can influence his or her personal outcome, and it’s not necessarily possible to predict what this outcome will be. But, at Moffitt Cancer Center near Clearwater, Florida, we’re committed to helping each patient improve his or her possible prognosis, as well as quality of life, through individualized treatment and comprehensive supportive care.

Through extensive research, Moffitt’s oncologists have identified several ways to help patients improve their stomach cancer prognosis. For instance:

  • Patients who are diagnosed early and receive prompt treatment often have better outcomes. Our emphasis on prevention, screening and early detection help us improve lives.
  • Patients who work with oncologists who have specialized experience in diagnosing and treating cancer also tend to have better prognoses. At Moffitt, we have a team of oncologists who only treat gastrointestinal cancers, giving them unique insight into how these malignancies develop and respond to treatment. And, within this group, we have oncologists who further specialize in specific types of treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Patients who have limited treatment options due to metastatic spread or other factors may be able to access more treatments than would otherwise be available by participating in clinical trials. This is why Moffitt maintains a robust clinic research program and has been designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute.

Additionally, people who seek treatment at a large, comprehensive cancer center such as Moffitt tend to have a wider range of treatment options and benefit from a higher level of clinical expertise, which often translates to better outcomes. At Moffitt, for instance, our five-year survival rates for patients with stage 1 stomach cancer significantly exceed the national averages. This is just one more reason that patients from Clearwater and other nearby areas turn to Moffitt for treatment.

If you’ve been diagnosed with stomach cancer and would like to discuss your prognosis with an experienced oncologist, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online to request an appointment. We welcome patients from Clearwater, FL, with or without physician’s referrals.