Advanced Spinal Cancer Treatment Options Available Near Clearwater, FL

Spinal cancer treatment often involves surgery, which can be complex and delicate due to the nature of the condition. In order to minimize the impact of surgery on a patient’s body and leave important nerve pathways intact, a high level of surgical skill is required to precisely remove all or part of a spinal tumor. Many people who are diagnosed with spinal cancer turn to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, a neighboring city of Clearwater, FL. Because we are a high-volume cancer center, our neurosurgeons have acquired extensive expertise. This is significant because a surgeon’s experience becomes more refined with every procedure performed, which translates to better patient outcomes and quality of life.

The multispecialty team at Moffitt develops an individualized spinal cancer treatment plan for each patient based on a number of unique factors, including the type and location of the patient’s tumor as well as his or her overall health. This means that a patient who comes to us from Clearwater, Florida, can benefit from a comprehensive evaluation with the added advantage of being able to stay close to home.

If surgery is indicated as part of a patient’s spinal cancer treatment, we may recommend:

  • Resection – A surgeon removes all or part of a tumor to relieve neural pressure and the associated symptoms.
  • Vertebroplasty – A medical-grade cement is injected through a needle into an empty space within a fractured vertebra. After the cement sets, it can serve as an internal cast to help stabilize the spine.
  • Vertebral augmentation (kyphoplasty) – After a medical-grade cement is injected into a damaged vertebra, a balloon is inserted and inflated to help restore lost vertebral height.
  • Spinal stabilization surgery – While this type of spinal cancer treatment can be performed using a variety of surgical techniques, the ultimate goal is to encourage the spinal bones to heal solidly together. This may involve the placement of mechanical fixation devices, such as titanium screws, rods or plates.
  • Spinal decompression surgery – To relieve painful pressure on the spinal cord, a surgeon may perform a corpectomy to remove a vertebral body, a laminectomy to remove a small part of the bony arch that covers the spinal canal or a costotransversectomy to remove a portion of a rib and the transverse process of a vertebra.

In addition to surgery, a patient’s treatment plan may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, percutaneous (through the skin) radiofrequency ablation, targeted therapy or corticosteroids. Through our robust portfolio of clinical trials, many of our patients also have opportunities to be among the first to benefit from promising new spinal cancer treatment options. As a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Moffitt has received national recognition for its groundbreaking advances in cancer treatment.

You can discuss spinal cancer treatment with a neuro-oncologist at Moffitt Cancer Center with or without a referral. Request an appointment at our campus near Clearwater, FL, by calling 1-888-663-3488 or completing our new patient registration form online.