Radiation for Skin Cancer – Treatment Options for Individuals from Clearwater, FL

Individuals from Clearwater, Florida, can receive radiation for skin cancer at Moffitt Cancer Center, which is located a short drive away. At Moffitt, we offer a full spectrum of skin cancer treatments in one location, including today’s latest advances in radiation therapy.

Moffitt’s Cutaneous Oncology Program is home to a team of radiation oncologists who specialize in treating skin cancer, including:

In most cases, radiation treatment for skin cancer is delivered from a machine located outside of a patient’s body (external beam radiation therapy, or EBRT). However, radiation therapy can also be delivered through a radioactive implant placed directly inside or near a tumor mass (brachytherapy). Commonly recommended for tumors that are located on the nose, ears, eyelids, lips or elsewhere on the face, this approach can not only lead to better cosmetic outcomes, but also a reduced amount of radiation exposure to healthy brain tissues (as could otherwise occur when using EBRT to treat facial skin cancers).

Taking into consideration a wide range of factors, including the total dosage required, the total treatment time and the type of beam recommended for a tumor, Moffitt’s oncologists create individualized treatment plans for each patient. By tailoring our prescriptions to each person’s unique needs, we are able to improve not only survival outcomes, but also quality of life, making us a top destination for patients from Clearwater, FL, who are looking for the highest possible caliber of care.

Referrals are not required to receive radiation for skin cancer at Moffitt. To learn more about our options, request a consultation with our oncologists by calling 1-888-663-3488 or submitting a new patient registration form online. We welcome patients from Clearwater, FL, and all other locations.