Sarcoma Surgery for Residents of West Palm Beach, FL

If you live in the West Palm Beach, Florida, area and are considering sarcoma surgery, you probably have a lot of questions. Because not all surgeons and cancer centers are the same, your first goal should be to find an experienced surgeon who can provide the best treatment for your needs. But, where should you begin? For the accurate and honest answers that you are looking for, you can confidently turn to Moffitt Cancer Center in nearby Tampa.

At Moffitt, a comprehensive range of sarcoma surgery procedures and other treatment options are available through our Sarcoma Program, and our scientists are continually refining these options based on the results of extensive research. In fact, in recognition of our important research breakthroughs, we have been designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute. Moffitt is the only cancer center based in Florida to have received this prestigious distinction, and we are easily accessible to patients from West Palm Beach and other FL areas.

When you come to Moffitt, our multispecialty team will develop an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. In general, sarcoma surgery is usually recommended to remove all traces of cancer from a patient’s body. To treat a large sarcoma, surgery may be combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy to help ensure that no cancerous cells are left behind.

Moffitt’s surgeons perform several types of sarcoma surgery, including:

  • Wide local incision – May be used to remove a soft tissue sarcoma, along with a slim margin of surrounding healthy tissue (to help ensure complete removal)
  • Limb-sparing sarcoma surgery – May be used to remove a sarcoma on an arm or leg and avoid the need to amputate the affected limb
  • Limb amputation – May be the best option to address a late-stage tumor that affects critical nerves, muscles, bones or blood vessels in a limb

For patients who travel to Moffitt from West Palm Beach, FL, for sarcoma surgery or other treatments, our supportive care specialists can assist with lodging. We’ve partnered with several local hotels that meet our high quality standards and offer discounted rates to our patients and their families. By staying at one of these convenient properties, you can not only reduce the costs and hassles of being away from home, but also gain unique opportunities to share experiences and advice with others who have traveled from out of town to fight cancer at Moffitt.

To learn more about sarcoma surgery, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online. No referral is required to consult with our team of experts.