Sarcoma Clinical Trials Available Nearby for Patients From Clearwater, FL

Moffitt Cancer Center conducts clinical trials for patients with sarcoma and other forms of cancer. Located in Tampa, close to Clearwater, Florida, Moffitt leads the way in advancing cancer research and treatment options through our robust clinical trials program. As a result of our dedication to furthering cancer research, we have been designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center from the National Cancer Institute and are the only such center based in Florida.

There are many benefits for patients who participate in a clinical trial. Eligible patients who participate in an ongoing trial may gain access to the latest and most advanced treatment options before they become widely available. Sarcoma clinical trials at Moffitt may include treatment options such as:

  • New combinations of chemotherapy drugs
  • Proton therapy
  • Antibody-based treatments
  • Peripheral stem cell transplantation
  • Medications for sarcomas that are resistant to chemotherapy

Other sarcoma clinical trials at Moffitt may aim to find new screening methods for earlier diagnosis, identify associated risk factors or investigate preventive approaches to treating sarcoma early. Patients from the Clearwater, FL, area are welcome to learn more about current clinical trials at Moffitt and see if they qualify to participate.

Whether visiting Moffitt to be part of a clinical trial, receive treatment or undergo screening, patients are able to receive all of the treatment and care they require under the same roof.

For more information on the sarcoma clinical trials currently available at Moffitt, call 813-745-6100 or 1-800-679-0775 (toll-free) or submit a clinical trials inquiry form online. We welcome patients from Clearwater, FL, and do not require a referral to schedule an appointment.