Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Surgery for Men from Boca Raton, FL

Men who live in or near Boca Raton, Florida, who are in need of a robotic radical prostatectomy can elect to have this procedure at Moffitt Cancer Center, located just a short drive away in Tampa. With a highly complex surgery such as this, you want a surgeon who has experience and expertise in that specific surgery, and Moffitt’s surgeons have just that. In fact, at Moffitt, our surgeons focus exclusively in their respective areas of expertise, so our prostate cancer surgeons strictly perform prostate cancer surgery. As a surgeon’s skill increases with each procedure performed, Moffitt’s surgeons are able to give patients a higher quality of life after treatment. Consequently, we’ve established an international reputation for being a world leader in complex cancer surgery techniques, such as robotic assisted radical prostatectomy surgeries.

We also believe in taking a multispecialty approach to cancer treatment, which means we have an entire team of experts, not just a single physician and surgeon, working collaboratively to treat each patient. Every week, this team of specialists, called a tumor board, will meet to review the patient’s case and ensure the proper treatment is being taken. Additionally, with a robotic radical prostatectomy, each patient will have an entire surgical team, including surgeons, physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, lab personnel, radiologists, pharmacists, dietitians and others, delivering and monitoring his care.

We also don’t want travel complications getting in the way of receiving outstanding treatment and care at Moffitt. Therefore, for the convenience of our patients traveling from Boca Raton and elsewhere from out of town, we can help streamline some of the travel logistics. For example: 

  • All diagnostic, treatment and supportive services are provided in a single location, so patients unfamiliar with the area won’t have to travel to different locations to receive treatment and care
  • Several local hotels offer our patients discounted rates to help with the financial burden of traveling
  • These hotels meet or exceed our strict infection control and hygiene standards, ensuring our patients have a comfortable and safe place to stay after a robot-assisted radical prostatectomy or other cancer treatment procedure

Men from Boca Raton who are interested in learning more about the robotic radical prostatectomy procedures at Moffitt Cancer Center can call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out an online form.