Pituitary Adenoma Types and Treatments in Florida

pituitary adenoma radiation therapy

Pituitary adenoma is a benign (noncancerous) tumor that develops in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is a small structure situated behind the nasal passages at the base of the brain that regulates hormones and controls other glands throughout the body. 

Pituitary Adenoma Types

Pituitary adenomas are more common than malignant tumors and can be classified in two ways. A nonfunctioning adenoma does not produce hormones and is often asymptomatic, but may require treatment if they grow large. A functioning adenoma produces excessive amounts of creating imbalances in the body. 

Pituitary adenomas can also be classified by their size. Microadenomas are pituitary tumors smaller than 1 centimeter and are typically functioning tumors. Macroadenomas are larger than 1 centimeter and are typically nonfunctioning but can put pressure on surrounding pituitary cells, causing them to not function properly.

Pituitary Adenoma Treatments

Treatment for a pituitary adenoma is based on the tumor’s size, type and overall health of the patient. Surgery, radiation therapy and other medication may be used to treat an adenoma or to control the symptoms of a pituitary adenoma. 

Moffitt is a national leader in cancer care, but we also excel in treatment for complex noncancerous conditions like pituitary adenomas. Patients will receive the benefit of having an entire team of experts plans out their individualized treatment plan. Our Endocrine Program consists of a team of expert endocrinologists, head and neck surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and supportive care specialists all of whom collaborate and evaluate patients as a team. 

Our team has ample experience with both functioning and nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas and will develop a plan best suited for the patient and their type of adenoma. This can include: 

  • Surgery to remove the adenoma
  • Radiation therapy to destroy tumor cells
  • Medication to control symptoms

Why Pituitary Adenoma Patients Choose Moffitt?

Florida residents who are looking for a pituitary adenoma specialist are encouraged to come to Moffitt because our experts are involved with research behind the scenes and in the lab making them knowledgeable in the latest treatments for endocrine malignancies. Due to this dedication to scientific research and innovation, Moffitt is the only NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center based in the state of Florida.

Virtual Visits 

Pituitary adenoma patients from across Florida can see a provider from the convenience of their home or office. The specialists at Moffitt are available for a variety of virtually scheduled visits, including regular follow-up, triage visits, pre-visit information sessions, medication review and more. 

A Quick Connection

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