Your Oral Cavity or Throat Cancer Specialists

Individuals who come to Moffitt Cancer Center for oral cavity or throat cancer treatment have many experienced specialists on their side. Because we believe we can achieve the best outcomes when working as a team, we have several different oncologists who collaboratively diagnose, treat and educate each patient.

At Moffitt, we recognize that each type of cancer treatment is unique and that it is highly advantageous to have specialized professionals overseeing each part of the process. As such, we have different oral cavity and throat cancer experts who handle imaging scans, lab tests, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and supportive care. Our team consists of:

  • Radiologists, who interpret the results of X-rays, CT scans and other imaging tests to determine if cancer is present
  • Pathologists, who examine tissue samples to determine if they are cancerous, and if so, evaluate the cancer’s cellular characteristics, which can influence treatment decisions
  • Medical oncologists, who create custom chemotherapy prescriptions for patients with cancers of the mouth and throat and collaborate with the infusion nurses who administer the medications
  • Head and neck surgeons, who remove tumors using the least invasive approaches possible
  • Radiation oncologists, who develop radiation therapy plans and collaborate with the radiation therapists who deliver the treatments
  • Pharmacists, who provide patients with individualized instructions for taking the medications they are prescribed as part of their treatments or symptom-control plans
  • Supportive care providers, including chaplains and social workers, who help ensure that each patient’s emotional and social needs are continually being met

At Moffitt, many of these experts are also involved with oral cavity and throat cancer research, both behind the scenes in labs and directly with our patients through clinical trials. This means that our specialists are knowledgeable about the latest options and are continually using their expertise to improve the future of cancer treatment.

A referral is not required to request an appointment with Moffitt’s oral cavity or throat cancer specialists. To do so, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online.