Discuss a Meningioma Diagnosis With an Experienced Oncologist in Tampa, FL

A meningioma diagnosis usually requires extensive testing, including several neurological exams, imaging scans, biopsies and functional assessments. Because brain cancer is uncommon, it’s important to consider whether a more prevalent condition is the cause of a patient’s symptoms. However, a prompt diagnosis is essential, as brain cancers that are detected early typically have the widest range of treatment options. In Tampa, Florida, the oncologists at Moffitt Cancer Center welcome patients with suspected brain cancers – including meningiomas – using the latest technologies to confirm or rule out a diagnosis of meningioma.

If meningioma is suspected, Moffitt’s oncologists may recommend any of the following tests:

  • An eye exam
  • A hearing test
  • An X-ray
  • A CT scan
  • A MRI
  • A cerebral angiogram (a specialized X-ray that shows the arteries and veins in the brain)
  • A PET scan
  • A biopsy (removal of a tissue sample for laboratory testing)
  • Electroencephalography (a non-invasive test that measures electrical activity in the brain)

Following a meningioma diagnosis, Moffitt’s patients can receive multispecialty treatment in a single location that’s conveniently accessible from all parts of Tampa. Our oncologists can determine the stage of the cancer and the unique biological makeup of the tumor to determine the best approach to treatment. This multispecialty approach is just one of the reasons that Moffitt is a leading destination for individuals who have been diagnosed with brain cancer.

No referral is required to request an appointment at Moffitt. To consult with the Tampa, FL, oncologists of our Neuro-Oncology Program regarding meningioma diagnosis, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online.