If You Live in Brandon, FL, Lung Cancer Screening Is Available Near You

Lung cancer screening can be an important part of a preventive healthcare plan for current and former tobacco users, as well as those who have been exposed to secondhand smoke and other known cancer-causing substances. If you’re a resident of Brandon, Florida, you can take advantage of the latest lung cancer screening options near you at Moffitt Cancer Center, a Lung Cancer Alliance-designated Screening Center of Excellence located in Tampa.

If you think you might have a heightened risk of developing lung cancer, or you have been told so by a physician, screening may be appropriate for you. To help you make this important determination, you can seek individualized advice and guidance from the oncologists in the Thoracic Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center near Brandon, FL.

Lung cancer screening is performed with high-definition computed tomography (CT) scanning, which can often identify small nodules and other abnormalities in the lungs before any noticeable symptoms occur. When lung cancer is discovered in its earliest stages, there are generally more treatment options available, which can increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

If a screening test produces a positive result and lung cancer is suspected, you can feel confident entrusting your healthcare to Moffitt, a high-volume cancer center near you that diagnoses and treats many patients with lung cancer. We also recognize that every patient and every cancer is unique. With this in mind, we develop highly individualized diagnostic and therapeutic plans to ensure the best possible outcome in each case.

If a potentially cancerous nodule is detected in a screening test result, an oncologist at Moffitt may recommend further evaluation through:

  • Imaging studies
  • A needle biopsy
  • Surgery

For patients who ultimately require surgical treatment, Moffitt’s fellowship-trained surgeons often perform lung cancer resections using advanced, minimally invasive techniques, including robotic lung-sparing surgery, and consistently achieve results that are superior to the national averages. Other, nonsurgical treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, are also available in the same convenient location.

Lung cancer screening is available near you at Moffitt Cancer Center. To request an appointment at our campus, which located only minutes from Brandon, FL, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete our new patient registration form online. We do not require referrals.