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Low-Grade Glioma Diagnosis and Treatment in Florida

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Gliomas are one of the most common types of primary brain tumors. A glioma can be either "low grade" or "high grade." A low-grade glioma grows and spreads more slowly and under a microscope, a low-grade glioma more closely resembles normal tissue than a high-grade glioma.

Choosing a Low-Grade Glioma Specialist in Florida

The Neuro-Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center specializes in the treatment of low-grade glioma and other brain cancers. As a large-volume cancer center, we also treat a large number of patients with all kinds of brain tumors, in comparison with other treatment centers.

Experience and Expertise 

Our multispecialty low-grade glioma team is highly specialized and collaborates to develop individualized treatment plans for each patient. This team meets weekly as a tumor board to review each patient’s case so our patients get the benefit of having multiple opinions in one location.

These specialists include:

  • Neurosurgeons
  • Medical oncologists
  • Neuropathologists
  • Radiation oncologists

Treatments for Low-Grade Glioma

Low-grade glioma treatment will vary by patient but typically it includes a combination of surgery and radiation therapy, often with chemotherapy.

Moffitt also offers a robust clinical trials program that features promising new cancer treatments, including for low-grade glioma. Some patients may be candidates for these innovative clinical trials and will have access to treatments before they become available at other centers.

Why do Low-Grade Glioma Patients Choose Moffitt?

There are many reasons Moffitt stands apart for those seeking low-grade glioma treatment. In addition to our highly specialized Neuro-Oncology Program and innovative treatments, we strive to offer comprehensive support for our patients and their caregivers. As a result of our research efforts, Moffitt has been designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute, and we are the only cancer center in the state of Florida to have received this prestigious honor.

Patient And Family-Centered Care

A core concept at Moffitt is Patient and Family-Centered Care. This is a partnership between you, your caregiver, and your Moffitt care team, with you as the team leader.

Emotional Cancer Support

We are committed to the well-being of our patients and their families. The following programs and support services are offered to fit your needs:

  • Advance care planning
  • Counseling and support
  • Nutrition services
  • Support groups

Traveling with Ease

We understand a cancer diagnosis alone can be worrisome so we want to make it easy for patients throughout Florida to travel for treatment. Should you need to stay overnight, Moffitt has partnered with several nearby hotels that provide discounted rates, and in some cases, shuttle service to and from appointments.

We also offer flexibility with several locations across the Tampa Bay area, including an outpatient center right near Tampa International Airport. In addition, Moffitt also has established partnerships with Memorial Healthcare System and AdventHealth.

If you are a Florida resident seeking more information about low-grade glioma treatment, please call 1-888-663-3488  or complete our new patient registration form. We provide rapid access to a cancer expert within a day.