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Is Liver Cancer Treatment the Same as Bile Duct Cancer Treatment?

Liver cancer treatment sometimes includes one or more of the same therapies that are used for bile duct cancer treatment. More often, however, a different treatment approach is used for each condition. For instance, one of the most common chemotherapy drugs for treating liver cancer (floxuridine) is not often used to treat bile duct cancers, while one of the most common medications for treating bile duct cancer (gemcitabine) is seldom used in the treatment of liver cancer. This is because there are small – yet significant – differences in liver tumors and bile duct tumors, and tailoring treatment to reflect these differences can make a difference in a patient’s outcome and quality of life.

Liver cancer surgery vs. bile duct surgery

Surgery is commonly used for both liver and bile duct cancer, but different approaches are taken in each situation. For certain liver cancers, only part of the liver may be removed, while the bile ducts are left in place. For certain bile duct cancers, on the other hand, the bile ducts must be removed. It may also be necessary to remove the gallbladder and one or more surrounding lymph nodes when treating either of these cancers.

Individualized liver cancer treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we provide comprehensive, individualized treatment for all types and stages of cancer. This allows our oncologists to adapt each patient’s treatment plan to the specifics of his or her diagnosis, which is the core of our approach to practicing precision medicine. Additionally, each of our oncologists focuses on treating a singular type of cancer with a specific method, such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy, resulting in a high level of specialization that sets Moffitt apart.

If you’d like to consult with an oncologist who specializes in liver cancer or bile duct cancer treatment, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online to request an appointment. No referral is required.