Esophageal Cancer Surgery for Residents of Sarasota, FL

Esophageal cancer surgery is often a critical part of treatment, and many patients from Sarasota, Florida, choose to come to Moffitt Cancer Center for their surgical care. Making a short drive to Tampa can be a wise choice; our center has helped thousands of patients access life-saving treatments and comprehensive supportive care services all in one convenient location.

Moffitt is a leading destination for patients with all forms of esophageal cancer. We match each patient who walks through our doors with a team of oncologists and surgeons who specialize in the patient’s exact diagnosis. Typically, a patient’s surgeon will have performed hundreds – if not thousands – of the recommended procedure, which is one of the primary reasons that our esophageal cancer outcomes are routinely higher than national averages and why our patients experience a higher quality of life.

When patients from Sarasota choose Moffitt for their esophageal cancer surgery, they also benefit from:

  • Our team’s experience with minimally invasive and robotic-assisted procedures. These options are associated with shorter recovery times and fewer complications than traditional esophageal cancer operations.
  • Multiple expert opinions. Before a patient’s esophageal cancer surgery, a team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, pathologists and other medical professionals will review his or her case to determine the best possible approach for the operation. And, they will suggest not only the most promising surgical techniques, but also other beneficial ways to individualize the patient’s treatment plan.
  • The ability to access many different treatments under one roof. In many cases, patients respond better to surgery if it is followed (or preceded) by chemotherapy, radiation therapy or other similar options. If a patient’s treatment plan includes more than surgery, Moffitt provides everything from radiation therapy and laser therapy to genetic therapy and clinical trials, all in a single convenient location.

And, thanks to our partnerships with several area hotels, patients can also benefit from convenient lodging options that are comfortable, clean and in close proximity to our main campus. Additionally, the properties uphold high cleanliness standards that ensure a hygienic place to recover from esophageal cancer surgery, and discounted rates are available to Moffitt patients.

Patients from Sarasota, FL, can come to Moffitt for esophageal cancer surgery, and we do not require referrals. To schedule an appointment with one of our skilled surgeons, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a  patient registration form online.