Uterine Cancer Treatment – Expert Guidance for Women Who Live in the Fort Myers, FL, Area

If you’re exploring your uterine cancer treatment options in and around Fort Myers, FL, Moffitt Cancer Center in nearby Tampa is worth a look. Moffitt is a high-volume cancer center, which means that we treat more patients than most other cancer centers. Right in your home state, you can benefit from the expertise of the multispecialty team in our renowned gynecological clinic. Because these experts focus their practice exclusively on cancers of the female reproductive system, they’ve acquired highly refined skills and experience.

Like many women with newly diagnosed uterine cancer, you might feel a bit apprehensive about the prospect of treatment based on what you saw a family member or friend in Fort Myers, Florida, go through in the past. But, research advances in recent years have changed the cancer experience in many important ways. What we know about cancer now is worlds away from what physicians knew only a generation ago. Consider that:

  • All uterine tumors were once thought to be similar. We now recognize the importance of identifying the specific molecular characteristics of various malignancies, using the genetic profiles of tumors to help drive a patient’s treatment. The identification of cancer subtypes has helped explain why certain treatments may be effective for some patients but not others and enabled oncologists to make more tailored recommendations.
  • Previously, many physicians took a "one size fits all" approach to uterine cancer treatment, which was based solely on traditional surgical procedures, chemotherapy regimens and radiation therapy. While these options can be effective and are still in use, we now know that evidence-based best practices can help oncologists determine which treatments to use in different situations.
  • In the past, uterine cancer treatment options were somewhat limited, and many patients relied on a physician to call all of the shots. Today, we encourage our patients to participate actively in all aspects of the healthcare decision-making process, asking questions and exploring their options alongside our caring team.

If you come to Moffitt from Fort Myers, FL, we can help you learn about uterine cancer treatment so that you can choose the best path for you. We offer the very latest treatments, including targeted radiation therapy, hormone therapy, robot-assisted surgery and novel combinations of chemotherapy medications, as well as a robust portfolio of clinical trials. And, you needn’t allow travel burdens to prevent you from benefitting from all that Moffitt has to offer. For your convenience, our supportive care specialists can provide information on several nearby hotels that offer reduced rates and are committed to providing a comfortable and healthy environment for our patients.

To learn more about uterine cancer treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online. We welcome new patients with and without referrals.