Colon Cancer Surgery for Patients from West Palm Beach, FL

Colon cancer surgery is usually recommended as a first-line treatment for cancers of the colon and rectum (the last section of the colon). The latest surgical techniques, including laparoscopic colon resections, anal sphincter-preserving surgeries, radiofrequency ablation and cryosurgery, are conveniently available to patients from West Palm Beach, Florida, at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Our multispecialty team of experts includes fellowship-trained surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, endoscopic specialists, supportive care providers and other medical professionals. These specialists collaboratively evaluate each patient, develop a comprehensive treatment plan and monitor the patient’s progress on an ongoing basis.

Many patients from the West Palm Beach, FL, area travel to Moffitt for colon cancer surgery. The reason is simple: The expertise of our surgeons is beyond compare. As a high-volume cancer center, our surgeons perform a significant number of colon cancer surgery procedures each year. Along with this experience comes an unparalleled level of skill, which allows us to consistently achieve patient outcomes that exceed the national average, and also to provide our patients with an enhanced quality of life.

Depending on a patient’s specific needs, Moffitt’s surgeons can perform several different types of colon cancer surgery, including:

  • Transanal endoscopic microsurgery – Addresses early-state rectal cancers and removes rectal polyps
  • Partial colectomy – Removes the affected portion of the colon
  • Ileocolectomy (right colectomy) – Removes the right side of the colon and the ileum (the last section of the small intestine)
  • Proctosigmoidectomy – Removes the affected portions of the rectum and sigmoid colon (the last section of the colon)
  • Abdominoperineal resection – Removes the sigmoid colon, rectum and anus
  • Total abdominal colectomy – Removes the colon
  • Total proctocolectomy – Removes the colon, rectum and sometimes the anus

As a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Moffitt has received national recognition for its groundbreaking research and development of new and better colon cancer surgery procedures and other treatment options. With a robust portfolio of ongoing clinical trials, we offer our patients unique opportunities to be among the first to benefit from promising new treatments that are not yet available in other settings.

Moffitt also offers a full range of supportive services, including lodging assistance for out-of-town patients. By recommending our trusted hotel partners with properties located nearby, we can help reduce some of the stress that typically goes along with traveling and being away from home, allowing our patients to focus more fully on what’s most important – their health and well-being.

Patients from the West Palm Beach, FL, area are welcome to discuss colon cancer surgery with the experts at Moffitt, and no referrals are necessary. Call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online.