Cervical Cancer Treatment for Women From Fort Myers, FL

Women from Fort Myers, Florida, who require treatment for cervical cancer are encouraged to visit Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Featuring a multispecialty team that focuses exclusively on cervical malignancies, our gynecological clinic is a premier destination for comprehensive cancer treatment and supportive care.

In a single location, women at Moffitt can be seen by gynecologic oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, reproductive endocrinologists, plastic surgeons, dietitians, social workers, counselors and other professionals. Moffitt’s tumor board collaboratively develops an individualized cervical cancer treatment plan for each patient, which may include a combination of:

  • Chemotherapy to destroy metastasized cancer cells throughout the body
  • Radiation therapy to eliminate cancer cells in the cervix
  • Laser surgery to remove surface lesions
  • Minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgery to address various aspects of treatment
  • Other advanced therapies

Moffitt also leads trailblazing research initiatives and a robust clinical trial program to discover breakthroughs in cervical cancer treatment. Participants in our clinical trial program are able to receive the latest cancer therapies before they are made widely available. As a result of our efforts, the National Cancer Institute has designated us as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, and we are the only such center based in Florida.

At Moffitt, we understand that traveling between Fort Myers, FL, and Tampa for cancer treatment presents a few logistical challenges. That’s why we have teamed up with several reputable hotels near our cancer center to offer reduced rates to out-of-town patients and their families. Our partner hotels meet or exceed our rigorous hygiene standards and are committed to providing friendly, comfortable accommodations for patients to heal and relax with loved ones.

Women from Fort Myers, FL, who would like to consult with a Moffitt physician regarding their cervical cancer treatment options can call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out a new patient registration form online. We accept patients with or without referrals.